Educational Stationery and Equipment Supplies

At Clipboard we have a variety of educational products available.

  • Wall Charts including Alphabet, Maths, World Maps
  • Rulers, Set Squares, Compasses, Protractors, T-Squares and Scale Rulers
  • Contact
  • Exercise Books, Graph books and Pads
  • Folders, Display Books
  • Pens, Pencils, Erasers, Pencil Sharpeners, Sticky Tape, Glue, Textas
  • Bulk Paper and Card in Assorted Sizes
  • Assorted Kids Craft eg Fluffy Balls, Polystyrene Balls (eggs, bells ect) and Paints

School Supplies and general educational stationery.


Morphett Vale
Hallett Cove
Victor Harbor
Happy Valley
Christies Beach
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